6 Tips To Fit Exercise Into Busy Schedule

6 Tips To Fit Exercise Into Busy Schedule

By Lata Sharma  on: 21 January 2015
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We work hard to lead a good life. Exercising and being physically active is key to living healthy. But being busy makes it tougher for us to stay fit. How is it that we can prevent our lifestyle from taking a toll over our health. Can we not even spare a few minutes a day to get started?

Did you know even the most successful people take out time to exercise, Infact that is what helps them be more successful. If they can take out time, so can you! There is a way which is simple and practical and all it takes is some planning & prioritizing. We will tell you how you can do the same and fit exercise into your busy schedule.

Here are 6 tips to help you get more active without spending too much time or money.

Start Small: The number one reason why people’s resolutions fail is because of unrealistic goals setting. Goal setting is a great way to get motivated. A better strategy is to start small and then work your way up. Start with dedicating 3 minutes of your mornings with simple equipment free cardio exercises at home like: jumping jack, spot jogging, scissor kick  & air bike. This low impact cardio workout is an ideal starting point for beginners. These exercises are great to get started as they promote cardio vascular health while causing minimal stress to the joints.

Plan ahead: Being consistent & achieving your goal takes planning. The more you plan, the easier it’ll be to make exercising a true lifestyle change. For eg: end your day with thinking about the 3 exercises you will do first thing in the morning before you take a shower. Then set a target number of repetitions you are going to do per exercise. This kind of simple planning will not only help you stay motivated but help clear your schedule to exercise for atleast 3 minutes every day! You can then extend this planning to longer duration of exercise.

Find things that help you stay motivated: Motivation helps the best of us stick to our target goals. Similarly to be more regular with exercise you need to add factors that keep your motivated and make them happen. The motivation can start from rewarding yourself to buying your favorite gadget or clothes to looking at images of super fit people to help stay inspired . Start with setting small miles stones for eg if you exercise 3 minutes for 5 days a week you can treat yourself to the new gadget you have been eyeing.

Repeat often so that it becomes a habit: Exercising regularly is difficult not because we are too busy but because we don’t do it often. Therefore what you should focus on is doing it often so that it becomes habit. An effective way to get started is target a 3 mintue workout just before your shower. Repeat this every single day. Doing this everyday at the same time will help you develop a habit over a period of time. Latest search says that repeating an action for 66 days help you breakout from the old habit and acquire a new one. Once you form this habit of exercising regularly it will be easier for you to get more exercise and hence get fitter over time.

Get friends & family to join with you: Getting your friends or family to exercise with you helps with accountability and positive reinforcement. Next time try catching up with your friends over a walk instead of a latte! If you cant manage to get your social group together then sign up for one of the apps that workout with you for company to help you be motivated!

 Have a Plan B: Just incase on a day when you can’t squeeze in those 3 minutes before the shower you should have alternatives to help you stay on the plan. For eg: go for a walk after all your meals, you can do the same exercises 15 minutes before your dinner or pack in some easy stretches just before bed to help you get a better night’s sleep. Now you know how to get started, so stop making excuses and get more active. Remember that is the only way you can lead a longer & a disease free life



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