Fruits a kick start of your day

Fruits a kick start of your day

By Lata Sharma  on: 03 February 2015
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The sweet taste of ripe fruit is just a promise that your brain and muscles will be supplied with the glucose your body needs. Always start your day with fruit or fruit juice. If you don't, you willstart your day by waking up your 'junkie-receptors' - making it extremely difficult to maintain a diet for the entire day that consists of fruit and very little prepared foods.

Eating fruit the first thing in the morning will provide your body with energy;

Every color found in fruits and vegetables focuses on building the immune system in its own way; it’s essential to select a variety of colors to get a full range of phytochemicals (beneficial plant chemicals) in our daily diet.


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12 superfoods that boost immunity in children
31 January 2015
      Being a mum makes you anxious about your child’s diet. Is your child having healthy food? Is he getting his quota of proteins? What about the antioxidants and vitamins? Now it’s too much work to sit and select food meticulously. So here is a list of super foods that should surface in your child’s diet one way or the other to meet all the nutritional needs, help in growth and development and of course boost immunity. Eggs: Boiled, poached, scrambled – eggs are very versatile superfoods. ‘Eggs are the source of first class proteins. Even the yolk is a storehouse of vital vitamins and minerals and essential for your child’s consumption. You get a lot of antioxidants from the yolk too,’  Salmon: More reasons to have fish on the plate. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which help in brain development, vision and also have a host of other health benefits. Nuts: Include all variants – pistachios, walnuts, raisins, dates, dried figs etc. ‘Offer your child a handful. If your child refuses to munch on them, give them a dried fruit or nuts chicki as a snack,’  Berries:Size doesn’t matter. These small and cute little colourful berries are actually high on nutritional content. ‘Pick them up and add them to your child’s fruit salad platter. Strawberries, blueberries, mulberries – the more the merrier,’  Berries also have other hidden benefit Oysters: Zinc is essential in helping boost immunity, building protein, cell functioning and also DNA repair. Oysters offer you zinc in abundance. Sea food lovers, rejoice.  Coloured fruits: Don’t just restrict your child’s fruit menu to apples, bananas and oranges. ‘Remember deeper and darker the colour of the fruit the better,’ So go ahead and choose from a variety of berries, melons, pomegranate, peaches and more.  Green veggies: Spinach and fenugreek are rich sources of folic acid and zinc and also provide traces of vitamins. Explore the other greens too. Greens are like immunity boasting foods that helps in DNA repair also.  Cruciferous veggies: Don’t forget the cabbage family which includes cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage. ‘Apart from having anti-cancer properties, they are also known for strengthening the immune system,’  Colourful veggies: It’s important for your child to have the greens and eat them too. But don’t just restrict to greens when it comes to veggies. Be more creative. ‘Add carrots, beetroots, red and yellow pepper, tomatoes, sweet potatoes to your child’s plate. They are rich sources of antioxidants,’  Whole grains: â€˜Instead of offering your child rotis just made of wheat or jowar flour, try a multi-grain preparation,’ . This ensures better fiber and nutrition intake. Yoghurt: If plain curd doesn’t interest your child try the flavoured one. ‘Yoghurt is full of probiotics. The good bacteria fights and stops colonization of bad bacteria in the stomach and helps keep your child off stomach infections and in good health,’  Garlic & onions: Even though they create a little havoc adding to the bad breath in the oral cavity, but garlic and onions can help fight H.pylori bacteria in the stomach. ‘In India an H.pylori infection in the stomach is very common so encourage your child to take them,’ . Ask your baby to rinse the mouth or brush afterwards. This way you also instill good oral habits. 
Control hair loss with these diet tips
10 February 2015
Hair loss is not just due to external factors like dandruff, sun exposure and so on. It is also a result of an unhealthy diet. When you deprive your body of essential nutrients, many of which are needed for normal hair growth, you are likely to suffer from hair fall. If nothing’s done about it for a prolonged time, you are likely to near baldness. In order to control this situation, it is best to feed your locks a healthy diet, high on the nutrition scale. Here’s what your hair needs to remain healthy. Vitamin B-Complex: This is required to help the haemoglobin supply oxygen to the scalp and hair follicles. More oxygen promotes hair growth and a healthy mane. The lack of vitamin B-Complex can lead to weak, undernourished and damaged hair. You can either get this from natural sources like chicken, tuna and salmon, or eat vitamin tablets if you have its deficiency . Zinc: Our scalp contains oil glands which need to function adequately to produce enough oil, the lack of which can lead to a dry scalp, dandruff and eventually hair loss. Eat foods like nuts, whole grains, lentils, meat and seafood to provide enough amounts of zinc to your hair. Copper: Haemoglobin is needed by our body to supply enough oxygen and blood to various organs including our hair. Copper helps in the formation of more haemoglobin. Lack of it can result in weak, brittle hair which will lead to hair loss. Good sources of copper include sesame seeds, soya, cashew nuts, meat, and seafood. Iron: Iron is very essential for men and especially women as they lose out blood and iron during their menstrual cycle. Even pregnant and lactating women need a high dose of iron as it helps produce haemoglobin. The lack of iron can weaken your hair right from the roots which will cause them to break very soon. Losing more than a 100 strands a day is a sign of hair loss. In order to avoid its deficiency, eat spinach, soybeans, dal, red kidney beans, chicken, meat, eggs and fish. Iron from animal sources is more easily absorbed into our system.  Vitamin C: Collagen production is very important to hold the hair tissues together in place and vitamin C helps do the needful. A lack of this can lead to frequent split ends, hair fall and brittle hair. Include fruits like oranges, lemons, berries, sweet lime, watermelon and tomatoes in your diet. If you are a smoker, you need more amounts of vitamin C so cut down on smoking and eat more fruits. Protein: A very important nutrient which acts as the building block of every tissue in our body including the hair and scalp, protein is highly essential for us. It helps in the production of new hair to replace the ones lost. A lack of protein can lead to thinning of hair, dry and brittle hair as well as eventual hair loss. Get your protein intake from foods like beans, nuts, grains, milk, cheese, fish, eggs, chicken. Eating right can help control hair fall to a large extent as your diet makes your mane stronger from within. Instead of relying on just shampoos and serums, make sure you are getting an adequate dose of these nutrients from the food you eat.
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