By Lata Sharma  on: 19 November 2014
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Want to lose weight? But dreadful about the thought of starting a perfect diet plan? Following a strict diet for few days is not the only solution for this. One should focus more on having long term results rather that getting short term one’s. It is unrealistic to say that everyday has to be the Perfect day as per your diet chart. So one should just maintain the balance between the food you eat and the amount of activity you do.

Here are the 5 important tips for sustainability:

Watch portion sizes:  Most people wrongly interpret the portion sizes. Ask your dietician to explain you correct portion sizes with the help of commonly used measurings like bowl or spoons instead of grams/kgs. Limit the portions of cereals like Rice, pastas, noodles or Maida products etc. Even avoid eating extra sugar and oil intake. And increase fruits and vegetables portions.
Divide your meals :  Instead of having only 3 big meals, space out these calories in 3 big plus 2 small meals. Skipping any meals or too long gap between two meals have negative impact on your metabolism with slowing down the rate.
Increase Fruits and Vegetables : Fruits and vegetables are boon for your weight loss. Having as much as portions of fruits and vegetables will give you lots of Fibers, Vitamins and minerals along with antioxidants which boosts up your immunity levels. Fiber from fruits and Vegetables is beneficial in weight loss as well as managing your cholesterol and sugar levels. Another advantage is when you fill up your plate with more of veggies then you tend to eat less yet you feel satisfied.
Eat only when you are hungry: Our body has its own mechanism for maintaining weight. Start listening and following your inner cues and stop when your body indicates that you are full. Most of the times we eat post the feeling of fullness and all those calories gets stored in the form of fat which adds up in your weight. Avoid eating due to frustration or for time pass.
Exercise regularly:  Exercise should be a very important part of your weight management program. Just as diet helps you in not adding up fat and weight, exercise helps you in burning present stored fat and weight.  It is important to perform Aerobic as well as weight bearing exercises regularly. As aerobic exercise burns out your fat while weight bearing exercises increases your metabolic rate and boosts up your fat loss. 


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