Why childhood obesity is on the rise

Why childhood obesity is on the rise

By Lata Sharma  on: 08 July 2015
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When we think of obesity or being fat, we rarely think of children in that category thinking fat is cute. But what we fail to realise is that fat can be very dangerous for your child. 

What is childhood obesity?

Obesity is defined as a 20% excess of calculated ideal weight for age, sex and height of a child. A child is said to be obese when there is an excess of accumulated fat in the subcutaneous tissue (below the skin) and other areas of the body.


Situation in India

Studies show that in India, nearly 15 to 20% of children are overweight and 30% are in the risk of falling in this category. It is these statistics that ring major alarm bells. In India, many studies have shown that the prevalence of overweight among adolescents varies between 10% and 30%. Another important concern is that as high as 60 to 70% may continue to be overweight or obese in adulthood.

So how can parents handle this situation

·         Discipline your child and enforce some restrictions regarding their diet.

·         Give them tasty and fresh home-made foods than outside, readymade food.

·         Keep a balance in time spent on studies and playing.

·         Encourage physical activities as a family like going for swimming, badminton, etc together.

·         Let them take part in sports too and not only be focussed on academics.

·         Avoid feeding them with excess butter, ghee and other fatty foods hoping that their child will become healthy.He/she should not consume more             than 3-4 tsp oil per day.

·         Give them salads before lunch and dinner.

·         Include healthy mid-meal snack options like sprouts, eggs, sandwiches.



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